1001 Bugs: Ecuador

With Nancy Miorelli
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This tour concentrates on three regions, the upper western cloud forests, the Amazon basin and various highland locations. We will learn about adaptations to different climatic niches, camouflage, defense systems and co-evolution. There will be various interesting talks and many night walks to find our photographic subjects. We will explore various photographic techniques suitable for recording our finds.

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Nancy Miorelli

tour leader

About the leader

Nancy is a passionate, self-proclaimed, PR representative for insects. While earning her Master’s degree at the University of Georgia in Entomology, it became crystal clear that most people did not see insects the way she did. In attempts to combat this “kill it with fire” mentality, Nancy started several science communication projects including a YouTube channel and co-founded the blog “Ask an Entomologist” which seeks to answer the public’s questions about insects using scientific literature and written in a way that is both fun and accessible. Following her Master’s, Nancy flew to the heart of the Ecuadorian cloud forest where she worked in an ecolodge showing tourists the beautiful and hidden world of the smaller majority; leading environmental education programs, guided tours, and natural history presentations featuring insects. After two years, Nancy traded her leafy green jungle for the concrete jungle of Quito where she designed her own tours under the brand SciBugs which focuses on the interconnectedness of ecology (especially insects), geology, conservation, local culture, and ecotourism.

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