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Discover the diversity in such a small country, from the paramos surrounding Cotopaxi Volcano to lowland Amazon jungles, Andean craters, and misty western Cloud forests. Murray will guide us through Macro photography to Macro vistas, tiny hummingbirds and large raptors in some of the most spectacular equatorial scenery. We will stay in some historic haciendas and prize-winning forest lodges.

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Murray Cooper

tour leader

About the leader

Murray is South African and came to Ecuador in 1994 as a single young man to work in the Los Cedros Reserve, where he found so much new and wonderful that he stayed. He married an Ecuadorian woman and together they have raised a family who care about nature and living in the cloud forest. Murray has published several excellent colorful photographic books, such as Undiscovered Realms of the Choco Rainforest, 2000, Plumas: Aves en Ecuador, 2006, Aves en Colombia (Spanish Edition), 2012, to name just a few. His work is frequently seen on the internet and international publications. He has a cloud forest coffee farm with shade grown “Arabica” from which he exports directly to connoisseurs.

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